Financial Policy

Whole Health Family Medicine & Weight Loss is a Membership Practice for both General Practice and Functional Medicine patients. The Membership Fees are patient responsible fees. Whole Health Family Medicine & Weight Loss (Dr. Lechner) is in network with most Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) PPO plans. We are not in network with some of the BCBS Blue Choice, Choice Options, BCO or BCE plans. Contacting your insurance company to confirm coverage is always necessary.

A deductible balance and/or co-payment may be required. BCBS pays for some laboratory tests, but some of the specialty tests may not be covered or only partially covered. It is always the patient’s responsibility to confirm coverage for laboratory testing.

For all other patients, payment is due in full for each visit. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. For patients with other PPO insurances, documentation of the visit can be provided after the visit for submission to their insurance carrier for Out of Network reimbursement. It is the patient’s responsibility to inquire about their individual plan’s coverage.

Whole Health Family Medicine is not enrolled in any HMO program.

Whole Health Family Medicine is not in network with Medicare or Medicaid.

Given the recent changes in Medicare reimbursement that started January 1, 2017,  we are unable to accept Medicare patients. In compliance with federal legal guidelines, you will need to sign a waiver stating that you will not submit any claims for services provided by Dr. Lechner to Medicare. This complies with federal legal guidelines. However, many of the lab tests ordered by the doctor may be covered by Medicare if completed in a lab in network with Medicare.

For patients 65 years and older, we offer a subscription membership program.  Subscriptions are for 1 year, with a fee of $150/month.  All physician fees are covered with this monthly fee. Medicare patients can also pay per visit to see Dr. Lechner.

Financial policy:

Patients who choose to join either our General Practice or Functional Medicine program will be responsible for an annual membership fee. In network insurance carriers will have the allowed amount for services for each visit billed to their insurance for each visit. Out of network patients will also be responsible for this portion of each visit. Documents for the insurance covered portion of the visit can be printed for submission of out of network reimbursement after payment has been made.

Cancellation / No-Show / Late arrival policy:

Whole Health Family Medicine & Weight Loss holds a very strict cancellation/no-show/late arrival policy. We require at least 24 hours notice for any changes to a scheduled appointment. New Functional Medicine initial appointments must give at least 5 business days’ notice to reschedule without a fee.

Notice must be given via a received phone call or an email on the OnPatient Patient Portal. Appointments will be held for 10 minutes past the appointed time.

Cancellation/No Show Fees are as follows:

Established patient follow up/sick visit: $30.00

New patient 1/2 hour visit: $30.00

New patient and established patient physical: $75.00

Established Functional Functional Medicine follow up visit: $75.00

New patient Functional Medicine initial consult cancelled: Deposit amount

New patient Functional Medicine initial consult rescheduled 5 business days or less before scheduled appointment: $100.00

Email Correspondence Policy

Please note this update in our Email Correspondence Policy as of 1/1/2019:  

For all Non-Functional Medicine patients, any email directed to Dr. Lechner pertaining to health issues, symptoms, medications, supplements, and/or a health plan will be charged a $35 email communication fee. Most insurance companies do not yet reimburse for email correspondence, therefore, patients will be responsible for this fee. A valid credit card must be on file with the office to utilize this service and will be charged at the time of the email correspondence. Functional Medicine patients do have email correspondence included in their Functional Medicine fees already and will not be charged this correspondence fee.

All medication refill requests should come to our office through the patient’s pharmacy. Appointment changes and general administrative inquiries may be directed to the office staff via email without a charge.